Custom Statler Gammill Long Arm Quilting by Diann Just a little update. Some of you may not know it, but last Oct. Tom and I purchased a Statler long arm quilting machine. We have opened a business called, "The Back Porch Quilter", since it's located on our back porch. We even have the start of a web site

Since October when we purchased the machine, we have been learning more about it. We took a two day class in Janesville, WI. and with each quilt we do, we are getting more and more comfortable with the machine. So far the customers we have had really liked how their quilts turned out and have come back! It is computerized sewing, so it should be relatively perfect!

I thought I would update you on our prices. For a simple meandering I charge a penny an inch. Example: 60 x 80 would be $48. I charge for thread $1 per bobbin. (the bobbins are big size "M"). I do have Hobbs 80/20 that I charge ten cents a linear inch. It measures 96" wide.

I have some computerized panographs that have lots more stitching in them and I need to run the machine slower, so because of both of those reasons, I need to charge more. They cost $.015 per inch.

So, if you have some quilt tops that you have laying around that you have been wanting to get quilted, but haven't had the time, well I have the time. Hopefully down the road, I'll have a longer customer waiting list, but since I'm just starting out, the waiting list right now is in your favor!

We are more than willing to sit down and discuss with you your ideas for the quilting of your quilt.

I hope you will give us a chance.

Thanking you in advance, Diann and Tom

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